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Women's Aventura Leather Sandals, Casual Flats

Women's Aventura Leather Sandals, Casual Flats

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For those who want a pair of sustainably made sandals that can hit the trails and the subway escalator - all in a day's work.

I'  Adventure  means "the adventurer" in Spanish.

The Aventuras love the challenge of traveling light and knowing they have shoes that can run to the gate in the morning and go out for a cocktail after settling into the hotel room later in the day. the day.

With distinct arch support, secure ankle straps, and our hand-cut recycled tire treads, the Aventura is the perfect travel companion. 

Handcrafted with ethically and fairly sourced leather
No break in the "alias" instant comfort period
Super plush foam midsole
handmade leather insole
Slightly raised heel for better shock absorption
Comes with soft arch support

This style is perfect for most feet: from narrow to slightly wider than average. The leather will conform to your feet and the Aventuras will have a bit of flex on the toe strap which will allow for a comfortable yet relaxed fit for your feet.

This style also has moderate arch support, which is helpful for those with high arches. 

We don't recommend the Aventura for anyone with sore bunions, as the strap will most likely tighten them.








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