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Anti burglary tv simulator

Anti burglary tv simulator

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Autumn may be a very pleasant season, but unfortunately it coincides with the traditional period of increased burglaries. As the days are shorter, thieves easily spot unoccupied houses if they are not lit. There are also fewer people on the streets to notice suspicious behavior. So take your precautions and choose, for example, a television simulator to repel ill-intentioned people.

What is that ? This is of course not a real television, but a lamp with LEDs that change color. From the outside, it looks like a television is on and, therefore, someone is in the house. As the lamp emits different colors and scenes, it is impossible to distinguish it from a real television from the outside. Treat yourself to this practical gadget to be able to leave your house without worrying and put burglars on the wrong track!

Deterrent home security device
This Fake LED TV Simulator is used to deter intruders/burglars with the illusion that someone is watching TV at home.
Realistic TV effect
This fake LED TV simulator will emit light with random variation in color, brightness and 
flicker, Simulate the real TV light effect.
Automatically turns on at dusk
Built-in light sensor, this TV simulator light only works in dark environment, once the mode is set, it will automatically give the illusion at night when you are not at home.
4 adjustment modes
4 modes with timer function are available: off, dusk+4HRS (automatic shutdown after 4 hours), dusk+7HRS (automatic shutdown after 7 hours), on.
Low power consumption
Only 2W of power, just like a night light, and the lighting is the equivalent of a 42 inch TV. Environmentally friendly, low power Consumption with Long service life up to 30000 hours.


Type: Fake TV Simulator
Material: ABS
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: Black
Sensor: built-in light sensor
Mode: off, twilight+4HRS, twilight+7HRS, ON
Power: 2W
Input: AC 230V/50Hz
Plug: EU plug
Lifespan: up to 30,000 h
Certification: CE, RoHS

Size: 8.5*7.5*10cm/3.3*3*3.9" (L*W*H)
Weight Net: 0.085 kg / 3 

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